For the greater good

XLRI Delhi-NCR Campus

Centres of Excellence

The Centres of Excellence at XLRI strive to uphold and further its vision to be an institution of excellence nurturing responsible global leaders.

XLRI Centre for Gender Equality and Inclusive Leadership

Since 2018, the XLRI Alumni Bangalore Chapter has organized many UP! Conferences (seminars, interactive sessions, discussions, etc.). The conferences were aimed to promote developmental opportunities for women professionals, both for the XLRI alumni and others. Several women alumni of XLRI who were participants and organizing team members came together to form the XL Women’s Coalition for Change (XLW CfC) to craft programs and broad-based interventions to help increase workforce participation of women and to support women in leadership positions.

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Center for Public Policy and Public Affairs

XLRI launched its Centre for Public Policy and Public Affairs on February 7 of this year. It was inaugurated with a lecture by Professor Benjamin Friedman, the William Joseph Maier Professor of Political Economy at Harvard University.

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XCEED – XLRI Incubator

XLRI is developing an ecosystem to promote and support entrepreneurship. At the core of this ecosystem, an incubator (XLRI Council for Entrepreneurship Excellence and Development) has been setup which will help students, alumni and faculty launch high impact new ventures.

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