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Vaibhav Lalwani

Functional Area

Brief Profile

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D. in Finance and Accounting, IIM Lucknow

Functional Area : Finance

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Work Experience (Academic)

IIM Raipur – Visiting Assistant Professor (Full Time) (Nov 2019 to June 2022)

Work Experience (Industrial)

State Bank of India – Probationary Officer (Sep 2013 to May 2015)

Academic Qualifications
  • PhD, Finance and Accounting, IIM Lucknow (2015-2019)
  • Master of Finance and Control, University of Delhi (2011-13)
  • B.A. (Honours) Business Economics, Shivaji College, University of Delhi (2008- 2011)



Areas: Asset Pricing, Machine Learning in Finance, Macro-Finance, Accounting

  1. Lalwani, V. and Meshram V. (2021) The cross-section of Indian stock returns: evidence using machine learning, Applied Economics (ABDC-A)
  2. Lalwani, V. and Meshram V. (2021) Predicting intra-day cryptocurrency returns: A sparse signals approach, Journal of Prediction Markets (ABDC – B)
  3. Lalwani, V. and Chakraborty M. (2019) Multi-factor asset pricing models in emerging and developed markets. Managerial Finance 46-3:360-380. (ABDC – B)
  4. Lalwani, V., Sharma U. and Chakraborty M. (2019) Investor reaction to extreme price shocks in stock markets: A cross country examination, IIMB Management Review 31-3:258-267. (ABDC – B)
  5. Lalwani, V. and Chakraborty M. (2019) Aggregate earnings and gross domestic product: International Evidence., Applied Economics 1-17. (ABDC – A)
  6. Lalwani, V. and Chakraborty M. (2018) Asset pricing factors and future economic growth, Economics Letters 168:151-154. (ABDC – A)
  7. Lalwani, V. and Chakraborty M. (2018) Quality investing in the indian stock market, Managerial Finance 44-2:127-141. (ABDC – B)