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Sessions by Alumni

Sessions by Alumni Sessions by Alumni Sessions by Alumni Sessions by Alumni

XLRI Alumni Committee acts as a platform for the 14,000+ alumni of XLRI to connect with each other and the university. AlCom endeavours to connect, engage and celebrate XLRI alumni across the globe to forge lifelong relationships. Last year, AlCom had hosted the following alumni on campus:

  • On the evening of 13th March, the students of XLRI Delhi-NCR had an engaging and constructive session with the esteemed alumni, Mr Manish Gupta – Sales Director, RB(BM’95). The session held on the topic, ‘Route to Marketing’, explored the challenges and various modes of distribution in the FMCG sector and the opportunities ahead. His larger-than-life personality and brilliant mind were easily reflected in his interaction on “Changing Landscape of FMCG Industry” with the students of XLRI-NCR’s 1st batch of BM.
  • The Alumni Committee of XLRI was deeply honoured to host our beloved Alumni, Mr Varun Gupta(HR2012), Founder of coDr Sugato Palit (HR’95), Co-founder at Absolute Spark Solutions and Mr Ashutosh Kapila (BM’95) VP – L&D, Talent management at Vodafone Idea Limited on the premises of XLRI-NCR. Their years of experience and drive for the betterment of XLRI was easily reflected in their interaction on “Pre-SIP Gyan” with the students of XLRI-NCR’s 1st batch of BM. It was an incredible and insightful session that helped the students with their SIPs.
  • On the evening of 27th March, the Alumni Committee of XLRI was thrilled to host a session of industry insights by Mr Manu Ahuja (BM’95), M.D. of Jubilant Industries. He took a session on “Consumer product sales and Marketing”. He had shared highly invaluable insights during his interaction with the class that made it an incredible session for the students.