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Student Life @ XLRI

Life at XL is a vibrant blend of class lectures, study sessions, management fests and competitive sports meets. The unique XL culture springs from its closely-knit student community. An environment of caring and sharing is what makes this B-school different. Despite a highly competitive spirit amongst students to excel academically, the atmosphere outside the classroom is one of great comradeship. A fresher is greeted with warmth and is made a part of the student fraternity. Intense academic rigour and an incredible phenomenon called the XL culture together make up for a hectic yet heady concoction of work and play. As all programmes are residential, the seniors and juniors share an amicable relationship. It is hence no surprise that XLRI has the most extensive alumni network among all Indian B-schools. Teamwork is stressed throughout your tenure at XL. In fact, the environment of bitter rivalry among students that traditionally prevails in B-schools has been removed through conscious efforts by the institute. Instead, an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation has been carefully nurtured over the years, and this makes XLers excellent team players and leaders in every organization that they become a part of.

A student, irrespective of her/his stream, always finds an opportunity to explore their interests. Innovation is religion at XL, and a little initiative can take you a long way. The formal committees at XLRI Delhi-NCR continue the long-standing legacy of the committees at XLRI Jamshedpur with extensive cross-campus collaboration imbibing the spirit of “Two campuses, One XLRI”, allowing XLers to engage in numerous activities that help one to experiment and explore new management avenues.

Events on Campus

XLRI lays great emphasis on ethics and on social responsibility. The institute is highly regarded in the corporate world for its efforts to instil these qualities in tomorrow’s business leaders. For an Xler, there is something happening at XL all the time. There are conferences, seminars, guest lectures and workshops where a student is exposed to diverse views and opinions of the greatest minds in the world of business. Yet, a good part of the XL life is much more than just academics. While the committee activities by the student body ensure your everyday life is much more than academics, there are also annual events that reiterate it. 

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