For the greater good

XLRI Delhi-NCR Campus

Student Societies

XLRI lays great emphasis on ethics and on social responsibility. The institute is highly regarded in the corporate world for its efforts to instil these qualities in tomorrow’s business leaders. Built into the curriculum are novel concepts like the Village Exposure Programme that develop social awareness by taking every student back to their roots. For an Xler there is something happening at XL all the time. Th ere are conferences, seminars, guest lectures and workshops where a student is exposed to diverse views, and opinions of the greatest minds in the world of business. Yet, a good part of the XL life is much more than just academics. While the committee activities by the student body ensures your every day life is much more than academics, there are also annual events that reiterate it. We have the annual management, cultural and sports fest Ensemble Valhalla , the marketing extravaganza MAXI fair and the age old XL IIMC sports meet to name a few.

A student, irrespective of her/his stream, always finds an opportunity to explore their interests. Innovation is religion at XL and a little initiative can take you a long way. The formal and informal committees at XLRI take full advantage of this freedom and involve the XLers in numerous activities that help one to experiment and explore new management avenues.