For the greater good

XLRI Delhi-NCR Campus

Co-Curricular Committee



For over 70 years, XLRI, India’s first B-School founded in 1949, has had just one campus at Jamshedpur. With India slated to become the fifth-largest economy in the world in the near future, there is a concomitant need for more responsible business leaders. Hence, XLRI took a strategic decision to expand its footprint across the country. The new Delhi-NCR Campus is the first branch of XLRI after the Jamshedpur campus.

The AXIOM Delhi chapter will provide a unique opportunity for students of XLRI to continue to benefit from the vast alumni network and forge some new connections amid the Business hub. We hope to expand our reach by developing chapter networks across the major universities in the vicinity of Delhi-NCR. 

AXIOM Delhi also creates an opportunity for our alumni based in the northern region to connect with each other and constitute a direct link with the XLRI. We also call upon the alumni chapters for cooperation, student recruitment, academic diplomacy, or establishing links with partner institutions and the local economy.