Nova Exilaro Core Team

Nova Exilaro Core Team

Nova Exilaro Core Team (NEXT) is the committee responsible for organizing ‘Nova Exilaro’ (NX), the annual fest of XLRI Delhi-NCR Campus. The fest is a 3-5 day-long series of more than 25 management, cultural and sports events organized in conjunction with all the co-curricular & extra-curricular committees in the XLRI ecosystem, along with pro-shows featuring some of the top names in the Indian music & entertainment industry. It is one of the most awaited events at XLRI Delhi, welcoming participation & audience from top-tier B-schools & undergraduate colleges from across the country. We also host a panel of eminent speakers from the industry & entertainment.

The sports committee at XLRI Delhi, along with NEXT, organizes ‘Exilaro’, a display of grit, commitment, quick thinking & sportsmanship across multiple formats, including (but not limited to) basketball, football, cricket, badminton, athletics, tennis, chess, carrom & pool.

Nova, in Latin, means ‘New’ while Exilaro is a take on ‘Exhilaro’, which represents ‘a feeling of exhilaration.’ This represents the overall aim of the fest – To renew & re-ignite the sense of exhilaration in our students, participants & audience.
It’s a celebration of student life at its most extravagant.

Further, the team organizes the annual fest theme launch event, bringing forth a degree of joy & delight, high enough to brighten up even the night skies over XLRI’s northern campus and give its students a glimpse of the upcoming annual fest & its theme. It is named ‘Aurora’, after the ‘northern lights – Aurora Borealis.

NEXT was established by the 1st batch of XLRI Delhi in June 2021.